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10 Reasons Electricians Need Digital Marketing

Why it is important to develop a digital marketing strategy for your business?

I think today most businesses know how important it is to reach digital and mobile channels to acquire and retain customers. The biggest challenge is knowing where to start to develop a viable digital marketing strategy that works. If a business does not have an integrated plan to help grow and engage digital audiences effectively they will lose business to competitors that do.

What are the real challenges of creating a digital marketing strategy for my electricians business?

One of the biggest challenges is where to begin drawing up a digital marketing plan. It is fair to say most companies have a website, some social media pages and maybe even an Email marketing platform. And while that is some of the basic framework for your marketing strategies going forward, it is far from a developed plan. A well developed plan needs to map out how your SEO will work to give your company the best chance to appear when people are searching on Google, Bing and Yahoo for your services. It needs to seek out what are the best listing channels to utilize to drive traffic to your page. The plan should include what social channels you will list on and what posting strategy you will utilize to drive traffic. The plan also needs to lay out what your paid promotion like social media, PPC, Email, and messenger will be over the short and long term.

10 Reasons you need to develop an electrician’s digital marketing strategy

1. Digital marketing puts your company front and center when someone is searching for your services.

When someone is searching for a service like an electrician they really only have a few ways to find that service. They can ask someone for a referral, wait for an ad to be in front of them or if they need due to an emergency the only viable option is to look for the service on the internet and more to the point on Google, Bing or Yahoo. If you have done your SEO well you may show up on the first page or two of the search organically or if you are using Pay Per Click a Google service you will show up in the ads on page one two or three.

2. Digital Marketing allows you to target your niche.

Each electrical company has things they do well, and things that are just not in their wheel House. For instance your company may only do large industrial union jobs. That company would not want to show up to work on a ceiling fan. Some companies only do residential and are typically not looking to field calls to install say parking lot lights. Digital marketing allows you to showcase your niche right where your buys are looking.

3. Knowing your online audience and market share.

If you do not do your research you may underestimate demand for online services. And even more important you may not understand the online marketplace and how it relates to the various channels each containing different demographics, behaviors, competition and marketing communications options. All the main digital platforms offer very good tools to measure customer demand, demographics and interest like Google Keyword planner, analytics and Facebook pixel to measure your audience and gain terrific insights.

4. Knowing your online traffic and customers better.

Nothing can tell you more about your target audience than digital marketing. It can tell you locations, demographics, preferences, and even economic status, but it cannot tell you sentiment. That said there are even tools to guage sentiment using user feedback tools on your website and social media pages to pinpoint your weaknesses and eliminate them.

5. Digital Marketing gives your company many opportunities to showcase your services FOC.

Between website blog, social media, SMS texts, and video blogs like YouTube , your company can reach a wide audience to showcase your services through, photos, videos, slide shows and testimonials. And while it requires a great deal of work to engage and grow this audience, the cost is zero minus your time and effort and the rewards will be measured in dollars you deposit in the bank.

6. Digital Marketing is very cost effective comparatively.

One of my favorite stories ever is from a client who told me how he spend $15,000 to get one $50.00 light switch job. The simple fact is buying leads typically does not work as they are sold many times and if you are at the end of the pecking order only the least profitable leads can even be converted. Digital Marketing on the other hand is extremely cost effective on leads that are exclusively yours. The average return on investment (ROI) for digital advertising is 5 for 1, meaning for every 1 dollar spent, expect 5 dollars back in sales.

7. Digital Marketing is the most targeted marketing in history.

If you know your market, demographics and preferences you can target your audience 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If people are shopping for lighting, generators, ceiling fans, and so much more you can actually find them and get your ads in front of them at the exact time they are looking. Never in history has marketing been able to be this targeted and profitable for those sharp enough to utilize it.

8. Digital Marketing is personalized and instant.

With text and messenger marketing you can instantly reach your target audience on a personal basis and on platforms that have a 95% open rate. Also because it is through a text or a messenger your ads are very in person and can connect with your website, blog or ad or dial direct through to your company.

9. Digital Marketing or more to the point digital presence builds your brand.

Today when people want to know about something they simply ask Siri, Alexa or Google. All of these platforms pull the data from all over the web. They can instantly see a company website, social media profiles, reviews and listings. When someone searches a service or industry, if your company has a strong presence on the web most browsers will consider it a bigger more reliable company. Simply put your online profile is your company profile even if you are a one man show working out of your garage you are what the internet says you are.

10. For an Electrician your digital profile is the equivalent of your brick and mortar store front.

The simple fact is people almost never drive to “the office” of an electrician. They typically call or Email and any interaction is with your company vehicle be it car, van or pickup. So their only view of your brick and mortar is your website, social profiles, maps and Google business. You literally have the option of presenting your company in any way you like without the crazy cost of renovations and maintenance. Your digital profile is your storefront and business card.

In conclusion we have reached a point in time where you should not need to ask “do I need digital marketing”? I think everyone knows they need it today, the question is who will take it seriously and definitely make money and who will dismiss it and hope they make money?

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