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Messenger Bot Marketing MBM utilizes artificial intelligence coupled with interactive messenger bots to amaze and captivate your audience. This powerful tool can build lists of prospects and clients that can be instantly contacted and leveraged to quickly scale your electric business. 

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What is Electrician Messenger Bot Marketing MBM? 

Messenger Bot marketing utilizes the messenger platform to build a list of clients that can be instantly contacted in a platform that has a 95% open rate. Additionally, bots utilize artificial intelligence to interact with clients to answer questions, schedule service calls, collect payments, and direct traffic throughout your website. 


Why do I need MBM?

Simply put with an open rate of 95% open rate MBM will reach broad audiences and because of the artificial intelligence factor, quickly engage. We utilize this technology in many ways including information, promotion, and customer maintenance. 

Here at Electricians Digital, We are experts in Bot and Artificial intelligence. As our partner you will be able to leverage our expertise to quickly and cost-effectively scale your electric business. 


For expert, Electrician MBM call the specialists at Electricians Digital 877-526-2431. Our ORM experts provide friendly, reliable service nationwide



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