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Pay Per Click (PPC) is one of only two methods that a business has in its marketing toolbox to improve the chances they will be found on Google, Bing, or other search engines. Now Pay Per Click aka PPC does offer instant visibility for your chosen keywords, but it can be costly and research shows us combining PPC with a good quality organic SEO strategy yields superior results and better user experience overall.

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What is electrician PPC?

PPC is the method of integrating a high-quality website with relevant content combined with link, title, and other strategies to target and purchase top ranking for certain search engine keywords.

Now, what exactly does all that mean? Simply put it means setting up your website to show up when someone “googles” the keyword for your business. Say you’re an electrician if someone enters electrician and your town then a bunch of electricians will show up. The electricians on the first page and near the top will likely get the call.

electrician PPC is simply setting up your website, blog, and other pages your company has around the web to be at the top when your keyword is entered into a search engine. Sounds great, but there is a lot of work and expertise required to accomplish this and it is not cheap.

Why do I need electrician Pay Per Click aka PPC?

Why do you need PPC? Simply put these days there are really only two ways someone can find your company. One is word of mouth and the other is the internet. So if you expect to quickly and cost-effectively grows, you will need to invest in some kind of PPC for your company. Now you may think that the first listings on a search engine result are “big” companies, but that is not necessarily so. This begs the question are they on page one because they are big or are they big because they are on page one? Today more and more increasingly it is the latter that they are big because they have wisely invested the dollars to appear on page one. A small company with a solid PPC strategy and the right partner can outrank and outgrow a big company all day long. We have worked with companies as small as one employee tripled their revenues with a good solid marketing strategy, had them hire more employees and tripled revenues again. The key is having the right partner to make the magic happen.

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